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By Brian Nelson, Agronomist, Salem

What a year of challenges due to weather, bugs, and prices. We have great differences in areas within our trade territory. Some areas are dry, and some small areas are just adequate with moisture.  The excessive heat that we are having right now is going to speed up corn and soybean harvest. Silage cutters have started to roll way earlier than anticipated. Yields will be all over the board.

Now is the time to start thinking about fall soil testing.  Getting an idea where your fields' fertility levels are at is very important. We can do composite samples or grid sample testing which we call our CMT program. By doing the grid sampling you can get a snapshot of nutrient levels in your soil in different areas of the field. Also, a fall fertilizer program of P&K spreads out the workload for next spring and increases availability of nutrients for next year.

Fall is also a good time to get on top of weeds in the pastures and hay land. GrazonNext HL or DuraCor are both very good options.

Looking over your crops this fall will be a good idea to get an assessment of harvest issues in both corn and soybean fields. Drought and bug issues are starting to affect stock quality which will directly affect harvest this spring.  Your local agronomist can help with any questions you have.




Willing to Help

By Mike Fuerst, Scotland Area Manager

Where has the summer gone? It is hard to believe as fast and furious as the spring and summer were that silage cutting, fall calving, and harvest are right around the corner. Agronomy is slowing down, giving us a chance to catch a breath and get some maintenance done on our equipment.

Thanks to some timely rains crops look very good. Because of that you will want to make sure your machinery and trucks are operating at their best as well. While you are making your preparations for harvest, stop in at one of our service stations (Salem or Scotland) for your Cenex branded lubricants and fuels as well as filters and tires from UTV to combine.

It may seem a little soon to be thinking about fall burndowns, but having a plan in place now will be much easier, than later when you are busy. Now is also a great time to get your fertilizer plans for fall in place so that we do not end up like this spring and it would help us to service you in a timelier manner. Your CFC/Fremar agronomist will be more than willing to help you with both of those needs. As always have a bountiful and safe harvest.




Maximizing Your Yields

By Tye Kost, Agronomist, Scotland

Hopefully, everyone has been receiving some welcoming rains in the recent weeks! We still have a long way to go before we can start getting the combines rolling again.

There is still potential of maximizing your yields using fungicide applications on your corn and soybeans. Fungicide not only targets diseases but in dry conditions it can also help mitigate stress on the plant as well. Any time the maximum daily temperature is above 95 degrees, no matter the moisture level in the soil, stress will occur as a result of the plant’s inability to take up enough moisture. Fungicide improves the plant’s health and acts as a “boost” to the plants ability to withstand some of the stress that we may still be facing this year. Along with heat stress or drought stress, after a hailstorm a fungicide can also be crucial for adding a barrier for fending off diseases that want to get into the injured parts of the plant and cause additional yield loss. Corn and soybeans both can utilize fungicides to mitigate stress and there are many options available. Contact your local agronomist to get a plan in place!

Thank you to all growers who have done business with us this year, it is greatly appreciated!





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